Monday, 25 July 2016

My Friend Dahmer, Finally Getting the Film Treatment it Deserves from Director Marc Meyers, Starring Ross Lynch!

Jeffrey Dahmer utterly fascinates me.  Always has done.  His story is so sad and tragic, so lost and desperate, and so completely horrific, that for 25 years I have been a wee bitty obsessed!  I have always  looked behind the face of the monster, and researched to death what could have made him turn out the way he did.

When David Jacobsen's Jeremy Renner starring Dahmer was released in 2002, I fell so much in love with it that even I realised how kinda nuts I was!  :)  What I loved so much about this film, and what made it all the more horrific, was that it DIDN'T focus on all of the gorier details of his story....quite the opposite.  It was just a really melancholic film....and I could totally relate to so much of.  I think that's why so many people hated scared them because it showed him as a human being.  

 What infuriates me most about his story was the shocking lack of help he received throughout his life.  Dahmer is the ultimate story of an individual who constantly slipped through the cracks of society.  A man so riddled with loneliness and guilt at being different, he lost himself completely.  And this cost 17 young men their lives!

My Friend Dahmer was originally published in a shorter form in 2002.  2002 being a VERY good year to be a Dahmer fan FYI, haha.  Author/artist Derf Backderf wasn't happy with it though....knowing there was so much more to be told to this story.  So he literally went back to the drawing board and in 2012 he released his full graphic novel to a mass of critical acclaim.

Like David Jacobsen's Dahmer,  My Friend Dahmer is a coming of age tale...just one with a horrific outcome.  But one I think we can ALL relate to in some way....even if we don't like to admit to it!  

Playing Dahmer is 20 year old Ross Lynch.  I had never heard of this Disney star/musician before, but after checking him out, I can totally see him having the potential to play a really special part.     

Looking at the kind of films director Marc Meyers has previously made, I still need to check them out but he really seems to  have an incredible grasp on coming of age melancholy, which is EXACTLY what we need for this project.  

Checking his films out are one of my top priorities this week when I actually have a well deserved week off! :)   Needless to say....I am super psyched about this film! 

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Getting to Know Suicide Squad's Rick Flag...Everyone Needs Joel Kinnaman in their Life!

So with the final trailer for Suicide Squad having just dropped, and been fabulously Rick Flag heavy, I figured a wee Kinnaman geek fest was in order!  

 I have been a fan of this incredible Swedish actor ever since I first watched The Killing, one of my all time favourite shows.  Joel gave that show so much heart and to watch him progress into such an incredible actor, with so much range and's so fucking rad!  You can check out my Manflesh Monday's post on Joel that I wrote after saying goodbye to Stephen Holder for the final pretty much sums up my love of him as both an actor and a character! 

With the long awaited Suicide Squad almost here, and with Joel having returned to Netflix in the latest season of House of Cards....add to that recent performances in films such as Run All Night, Child 44, Knight of Cups and Robocop to name a few...his star is most definitely on the rise...proving to be an incredible dramatic actor, action star and downright funny guy too!  What more could you want!? :)  His new film, Edge of Winter, with Spidey himself, Tom Holland, looks incredible as well, check out my recent blog for it HERE

A video posted by Joel Kinnaman (@joelkinnaman) on

Be sure to check out the article 12 Things You Need to Know About Rick Flag as well peeps! :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Woo Hoo....Joel Kinnaman in Edge of Winter! Rick Flag Meets Spiderman!

So ever since The Killing started, I developed an insane looooooooooove for Joel Kinnaman!  He is such an absolutely incredible, and still shockingly underrated actor who deserves so much fucking love and adoration!  

With Suicide Squad almost here, it's shit hot to see my Kinnaman in indie thriller Edge of Winter, starring young wee Spidey, Tom Holland.  :)  Joel is also in the new season of House of Cards, which totally gives me an excuse to check it out now, haha.  

Check out the trailer, see what you think, and EVERYONE listen to NEED to start obsessing over this man if you haven't already!  Yups!  :)  

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Happy TenThirteen Birthday to My Three Most Beloved People - X Files Creator Chris Carter, Fox Mulder and My Niece Kady!

So today marks the most important day in the nerd calendar ala Morleysaurus - October 13th, or should I say TenThirteen....the day of my most beloved darling, X Files creator Chris Carter....which then led to Fox Mulder sharing his birthday....and then years later, due to a fluke nerd sister Suz, a total hardcore Buffy and Angel fan, gave birth to my niece Kady on this day!  So when people ask me if I ever want children...hells no.....why would I want a child when I already have the perfect one?!!  PFFFT!  HAHA. 

In typical Morleysaurus fashion, I looked at my phone this morning as I was getting ready to go and do the banking, and lookee what time it was!?  HAHA.  I won't lie, I totally let out a squee of glee! :)

Anyhoo, with lots of X Files goodness coming up, here's to many more Happy Returns to my favourite people in the universe.  Yups!  

And let's just enjoy that X Files trailer for the bazillionth time! :P 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holy Fucking Shit.....FIRST NEW MULDER AND SCULLY FOOTAGE in Fox's New 201 Days of X Files Trailer!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Nothing makes my little Phile heart happier than seeing Mulder and Scully back in action...even if for only a quick second! 

Celebrate all 201 (or 202 if you count double episode for The Truth!!) episodes of The X Files with Fox's 201 Days of X Files in the run up to the revival kicking off on the 24th January 2016. :)

Big thank you to Psycho Legacy director and Dexter podcast man, the all round, super rad Rob G for sending this to me as well.  Much love dude! :)

That is all. :)

Jennifer Lynch + Damien Thorn = ERMAHGERD Levels of Awesome with A&E's The Omen TV Show Damien!

Jennifer mother fucking Lynch is directing an episode of the new Damien TV series!  WOW!

Those who know me will know that I threw quite the tantrum when The Omen remake came out.  Hahahaha.  So much so that I actually started a petition to get the thing stopped.  Lol.  :)  With the wonderful success of Bates Motel however....a show that has made its way into my favourite shows EVER list....and the fact that I have total faith in A&E and executive producer Glen Mazzara, better known for The Walking Dead and The Shield....this is looking to be a bad ass show bringing Damien Thorn into the 21st Century! :) 

Add my darling Jennifer Lynch into the mix...the amazing chickaroo responsible for one of the best Walking Dead episodes ever...and I am well on board this project!  Herrroooo Damien! :)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

X Files Revival - Geeky First Images to Melt Your Little Phile Hearts! Chris Carter is BACK with Mulder and Scully!

Okay.  Mulder and Scully are back.  Like....they are REALLY back!  That of course makes this Little Miss Morleysaurus incredibly, Phile~tastically Xcited!  And what does an excitable Morleysaurus do.....except for squeeeeeeeeeee very loud!?!  She does the exact same thing, but whilst typing up said thoughts to share with her fellow Philes, nerds, and potential new fans who need a bit of an X education!!  ;)

Anyhoo.....EEEEEEE!!!  Just to see the back of that wonderful, amazing, just....gaaaaaaaaaah full of awesome Mr Chris Carter's head, it truly is enough to melt our little Phile hearts....I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM!!!  I knew you'd be back Chris!  

I've seen some comments about why is Mulder not in a suit, why is Scully's hair not as red....blah blah blah.  Well....first of all....even if you didn't watch the criminally under-rated and absolutely stunning 2nd feature, I Want to Believe, unless you were just a casual viewer or gave up on it....then you would still know that at the end of the series, Mulder and Scully are holed up in a motel room and on the run after Mulder is sentenced to death by a military tribunal for "killing" Knowle Rohrer....who was in fact a Supersoldier.  As Doggett so perfectly put it in the Season 9 finale, The Truth - "Killing the man who can't be killed!?"  Formal dress attire need not apply when one is one the run from the government !  NOPE! 

In I Want to Believe, Mulder is brought in to help on the case of a missing agent....and the FBI have forgiven him.  Although they should totally be asking for Mulder's forgiveness of course...I totally agree.  HAHA. ;) At the end of I Want to Believe, Mulder and Scully are finally taking a break from darkness, and stepping into the stranding themselves on a tropical island....well, kinda.  Needless to say the LOST crossover thoughts that went through my head at the time, and still do to this's a total LOSTEE/PHILE explosion, haha. 

So yeah.....Mulder ISN'T an FBI agent again...YET.  So he can wear whatever the hell he pleases dammit!  And OMG.  Can women not change their hair colour!?!!  Really!?!  The tone of Scully's hair, AND style changed frequently through the seasons.  So quit yer moaning people!  

Anyhoo, I've seen a few wicked pictures from the set that are sneaking out, my favourite so far is THIS total Arcadia image.  HAHAHA.  They are like, SO together!!!!  I will keep telling myself this! ;)  

This one is super cute too! :)

Be sure to follow Chris freakin' Carter on Instagram...yeah......GOD himself has joined at least one form of social media!  @ChrisCarter1013  Also you can find the Official X Files pages  - @thexfilesfox on Twitter and Instagram, as well as @DavidDuchovny and @GillianA.  Of course I'll also be keeping y'all up to date with Phile geekery across various social media...just look for @morleysaurus all over the place! :)

Last but not least, my favourite X Phile fan find of the day is this cracker of a video to David Duchovny's track Passenger off of his Hell or Highwater debut album.  It's amazing.  So yay, check it out.  And go follow its creator, Twitter user Amanda Ross - @ACRProdCo and go check out her YouTube channel as well. :) X Philes stick together yo!  Enjoy! xox